Manufacturing Highlights

YSI has cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance production facilities for :
  • IVs
  • Tablets & Capsules
  • Oral Liquid
YSI’s new modernized QC and Microbiology labs are equipped with the latest technology equipment to do all required tests and analysis. The main production area is 193,885 sqft and administrative area is 73,485 sqft.

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LVP (Large Volume Parentals)

Phase 1- Completed 2016

The installation of the latest technology IV Production Machinery that produces Non-PVC IV soft bags. The IV soft bags are produced in a Sterile Production Area, which has Grade C Clean Room standards. The IV bags are then sealed by a Form Fill Seal Machine under a Laminar Air Hood with Grade A Clean Room standard.

The Non-PVC characteristic of the IV bags allows for the IV bags to sterilized under 121 degrees Celsius, making it more sterile than IV bottles in the market. Finally, the IV bags undergo not only Chemical Test and Microbiology Test, but also Leakage Test, Visual Inspection Test before they leave the factory.

What sets YSI’s IV Softbags apart?
  • Sterile. Sterilized at 121’C.
  • Durable. The bag can withstand up to 200 lbs of force
  • Transparent. It is more transparent than PE plastic bottles
  • Versatile. Non-PVC material is suitable with all IV products
  • Convenient. Does not require air vent.
  • Reliable labels. Scales and Labels are directly printed on the bag
  • Longevity. High air and water vapor barrier to assure product quality until its shelf life

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Oral Solid Dosage

Tablets and Capsules

Phase 2- Completed August 2019

The major renovations completed in 2019 has transformed the factory to world-class standards. The production of tablets, capsules, and oral liquid occur in a Non-Sterile production area with Grade D Clean Room Standards while also complying to GMP Standards.

All the production processes take place under precisely controlled lighting, temperature, humidity, and airflow. Air Handling Units (AHU), Chillers and HEPA filters are utilised to create the required cleanroom standard for production.

The OSD area consists of:
  • Gravity Feeding System
  • 2 Granulation Rooms
  • 1 Blending Room
  • 1 Lifter Room
  • 3 Tablet Compression Rooms
  • 2 Auto Coating Rooms
  • Capsule Filling Room
  • 2 Blistering Room
  • Strip Filling Room
  • Bottle Filling Line

Gravity Feeding System

YSI is the only pharmaceutical producer in Myanmar to utilise the Gravity Feeding System.

Gravity Feed:

A mezzanine floor of cleanroom is required above the tableting rooms. Thus, initial investment in cleanroom along with the operating cost are higher.

It is a closed (isolated) feeding system that guarantees the homogenously blended ingredients flow/transfer evenly into the hopper for the tablet pressing, which ensures the consistency of the final product. The Gravity Feed System is used by YSI and all other world class pharmaceutical factories.

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